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Joncryl ADR

Chain Extenders for Plastics

Joncryl ADR - Description

Joncryl ADR products are multi-functional reactive polymeric chain extenders with improved thermal stability. They react with the chain ends of polycondensates and effectively increase their melt viscosity.

Joncryl ADR chain extenders can be used during processing to increase the melt strength of polycondensates (e.g. PET and PLA) to improve the processability during extrusion of films, sheets, foams, paper coatings, and blow-molded objects. They can also be used for the modification of other thermoplastics such as PBT, TPU, PC, PC/ABS ect.

Joncryl ADR

More information about Joncryl ADR

  • Reacts and modifies polycondensation polymers
  • Increases molecular weight and melt strength
  • Upgrades virgin and recycled PET
  • Stabilizes
  • Faster production rates in extrusion and polymerization
  • Improves hydrolytic stability
  • Improved processability and accelerated polycondensation reaction

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