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INCI Name: Kaolin (and) Titanium Dioxide

KAOPOLITE Kaolin KR USP - Description

KAOPOLITE Kaolin KR USP is a hydrated aluminum silicate that is a carefully processed, fine particle size kaolin designed specifically for use in formulations where high purity, bacteria control, and high whiteness is desired. It meets the USP Kaolin Monograph and is manufactured to cGMP standards to address the need for a true USP Kaolin. It offers high sebum and impurity absorption, soft hand aesthetic and great skin adhesion, making it an excellent choice in the personal care, cosmeceutical, and pharmaceutical skin care industry.

More information about KAOPOLITE Kaolin KR USP

  • Meets USP standards and is manufactured under cGMP
  • High sebum and impurity absorption
  • Soft hand aesthetic and great skin adhesion

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