Kelcogel CG-LA - Description

KELCOGEL CG-LA gellan gum is a unique gelling agent for use in personal care applications. KELCOGEL CG-LA gellan gum can be used to form gels, modify textures, stabilize formulations (including emulsions and suspensions) and create films.

Kelcogel CG-LA

More information about Kelcogel CG LA

  • “Fluid gels,” for use in stabilizing suspensions, can be made at very low use levels

  • Higher use levels will result in the formation of firm and brittle gels

  • Gels are transparent, mechanically robust and exhibit substantial hysteresis (i.e., the set temperature is always lower than the melt temperature)

  • Monovalent ions result in gels that will re-melt, while gels made with divalent ions yield thermally stable gels

  • Gels are stable over a wide pH range

  • Compatibility with anionic, amphoteric and non-ionic surfactants

  • Easily combined with most other rheology modifiers

  • Kosher and Halal approved

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