Keltrol CG-V - Description

KELTROL CG-V is a xanthan gum product designed specifically for use in cosmetics and other personal care applications where vegan status and where ingredients with a low plate count are required.

Keltrol CG-V

More information about Keltrol CG V

  • Has pseudoplastic rheology profile (e.g. is shear thinning)
  • Shows relatively little viscosity change over a wide temperature range
  • Stable over a wide pH range
  • Compatible with high concentrations of salts and surfactants
  • Stable to high-shear processes
  • Enhances the stability of emulsions, suspensions and foams
  • Controls flow during and after application to the skin
  • Provides a light, silky skin-feel
  • Thins during processing, then quickly recovers its viscosity
  • Kosher and Halal approved

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