KELTROL food grades - Description

KELTROL® Xanthan gum is produced via a fermentation process. KELTROL® Xanthan Gum products have unique pseudoplastic properties and exceptional thickening and stabilizing abilities for emulsions, foams and suspensions. Xanthan gum is acid stable, cold soluble, provides uniform suspension without flavor masking, and can provide mouthfeel even at low concentrations. Organic compliant and vegan grades are available.

KELTROL food grades

More information about KELTROL food grades

  • Bakery mixes
  • clear beverages
  • dairy-based puddings
  • dressings
  • dry mix products
  • frozen desserts
  • fruit preparations
  • fruit toppings
  • instant desserts
  • marinades
  • mayonnaise
  • powdered soft drinks
  • relishes
  • salsas
  • sauces
  • seasoning mixes
  • soft drinks
  • syrups

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