Keltrol RD - Description

KELTROL RD is a 14-mesh agglomerated food-grade xanthan gum suitable for incorporation into food preparations where problems with poor dispersion capabilities preclude the use of standard 80-mesh grades. This is a clarified grade of xanthan gum. 

Keltrol RD

More information about Keltrol RD

  • Agglomerated product that exhibits delayed hydration relative to standard

  • 80-mesh grades of xanthan gum due to its larger particle size

  • Can hydrate fully in hot or cold water, even in systems with minimal agitation

  • Yields clear solutions contains little-to-no dust

  • Provides excellent suspension for insoluble solids and oil droplets

  • Disperses in the aqueous phase of formulations without use of dispersants such as sugar or oil, which can be beneficial in low-solids or low-oil formulations

  • Can be used in systems where high-shear mixing is not available or would damage the end product (e.g., would destroy large particles, like pickles, or would incorporate undesirable air into the product)

  • Facilitates mixing and pumping during food formulation preparation by delaying viscosity development, while still achieving full functionality prior to packaging

  • Can be used in applications that require high clarity (e.g., beverages)

  • Reduces dust exposure, which minimizes industrial hygiene issues, slipping hazards, and improves general housekeeping

  • Kosher and Halal approved

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