Kemgard - Description

Kemgard molybdate products are cost-effective flame retardants and smoke suppressants based on patented surface treatment technology. The Kemgard flame retardant and smoke suppressant product chemistries include zinc molybdate, calcium zinc molybdate and zinc oxide/phosphate complexes.

The Kemgard products are designed to replace more expensive bulk molybdate compounds (Ammonium Octamolybdate – AOM) with less expensive core/shell structures where expensive active phase (molybdate) is deposited on the surface of inert core particles, such as magnesium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, talc and zinc oxide.  Kemgard molybdate flame retardants and smoke suppressants are highly efficient and effective in a myriad of applications.


More information about Kemgard

  • Molybdates can also be used in combination with other ingredients to replace antimony oxide.  Formulators can utilize Kemgard products to replace AOM or partially replace antimony oxide to achieve desirable smoke suppression performance while not only reducing costs, but also minimizing regulatory concerns over antimony oxide use.

  • As compounders search for more environmentally friendly replacements for antimony oxide and halogenated additives, Kemgard flame retardants and smoke suppressants also work well with blends of both alumina trihydrate (ATH) and magnesium hydroxide (MDH) to help achieve target levels of flame  retardance and smoke generation.

  • Kemgard fire retardant additives influence the formation of a robust organic char, effectively insulating the polymer from the heat and oxygen source, thereby lowering heat and smoke release.

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