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Mica is a naturally occurring phyllosilicate. Due to the platy nature of the material, IMERYS mica has excellent flexural and bridging characteristics, which contribute to crack resistance in coatings applications. This platy nature also enhances release performance in applications such as rubber molding and sheet production. In plastics markets, mica enhances flexural modulus and heat deflection temperature, making it an ideal reinforcement for PP and nylon composites. It is chemically inert and resistant to thermal decomposition. Mica is used in aqueous applications such as joint compounds, sealants and adhesives.


Available in dry ground, micronized, and wet ground grades:

Dry Ground


Wet Ground

1-K Mica

C-3000 Mica

WG-160 Mica

4-K Mica

C-4000 Mica

WG-325 Mica

100-K Mica



Kings Mountain Mica

More information about Kings Mountain Mica

Imerys Muscovite Mica is suitable for applications requiring a lower thermal stability. Manufacturers specify muscovite mica for applications requiring the reinforcement of coatings and where greater resistance to moisture, heat, light and chemicals is needed. It is a functional extender that improves crack resistance and reduced film permeability. It also promotes adhesion in both water and solvent-based formulations. As a platy mineral, it offers beneficial rheological properties in coatings and also reduces sagging and running. Mica is specified to brighten the tone of colored pigments and offers decorative effects. Muscovite Micas are excellent functional minerals for paint, coatings, joint compounds, plastics, rubber, sound deadening, and many other applications.

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