Kollicream® CP 15 - Description

BASF's Kollicream ® emollients and penetration enhancers deliver exceptional performance for a wide variety of applications. Primarily known for their skin softening and smoothing properties, these emollients can also be used to greatly improve the penetration of APIs into the skin and adjust the consistency and appearance of creams and lotions. The Kollicream portfolio includes excipients that feel like cosmetics on the skin, are mild resulting in formulations with minimal irritation, and can help achieve easy-to-apply products for large application areas.

Kollicream ® CP 15 (cetyl palmitate 15) is a solid at room temperature making it a slow spreading emollient with a rich feel on the skin. Supplied as white coarse pellets, it is primarily used in emulsions, creams, and ointments, it can serve as a solvent for lipophilic drugs.

Kollicream® CP 15

More information about Kollicream® CP 15

  • Emollient for the skin
  • Solvent for lipophilic drugs
  • Penetration enhancer

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