Kollidon® 25, 30, 30 LP, 90 F - Description

The PVP that started it all! Invented by Walter Reppe over 75 years ago, Kollidon ® povidones have been used successfully for decades in pharmaceutical formulations - the adhesive, film-forming, dispersing and thickening properties of soluble Kollidon ® are used in tablet binding, sugar coating, film coating, solubilization, stabilization and numerous other ways. The grade of Kollidon ® that is selected depends mainly on its molecular weight, as this dictates the viscosity, binding effect, the complexation capacity and how readily it is eliminated by the body. And thanks to the new PeroXeal™ packaging concept that dramatically reduces peroxide levels, Kollidon ® polyvinylpyrolidone can now be used for entirely new applications.

Kollidon ® 25, Kollidon ® 30, and Kollidon ® 30 LP (low peroxide version for used with sensitive APIs) and are medium molecular weight povidones while Kollidon 90 F is a high molecular weight povidone. The higher molecular weight of Kollidon 90 F produces a higher viscosity in aqueous solution and has a higher binding capacity in tablets than the other grades.

All Kollidon ® grades are excellent binders for granulation in high shear mixers or fluid-bed granulators used in the production of tablets and pellets. The resulting granules are hard and free flowing granules with a low proportion of fines, producing stable tablets. As well, all grades can be used in direct compression, working synergistically with other components such as MCC, lactose, and starch, to produce harder tablets with stronger edges.

Kollidon ® 25 and Kollidon ® 30 are also used to improve the dissolution and solubility of certain drugs when co-milled or coprecipitated, forming an API-Kollidon ® complex or solid solution. These results can be achieved through many processes including hot melt extrusion (HME).

Finally, Kollidon ® has found success in stabilizing actives in liquid suspensions of all kinds, including coatings sugar-coating suspensions. And specific to Kollidon 90 F, this PVP can act as an efficient thickener, especially suited for aqueous-alcoholic solutions.

Kollidon® 25, 30, 30 LP, 90 F

More information about Kollidon® 25, 30, 30 LP, 90 F

  • Binder for wet granulation
  • Pore forming capabilities
  • Stabilizer, solubilizer, crystallization inhibitor
  • Thickening agent
  • Film former
  • Viscosity and suspension enhancement

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