Kollidon® CL, CL-F, CL-M, & CL-SF - Description

The Kollidon ® CL family is the industry's widest portfolio of super-disintegrants and dissolution enhancers. These highly functional cross-linked PVP polymers ensure that active ingredients are released from any solid dosage form at exceptionally high speed. In addition, they improve bioavailability of certain poorly soluble APIs. Kollidon ® CL is available as standard, fine (Kollidon ® CL-F), superfine (Kollidon ® CL-SF) and micronized (Kollidon ® CL-M) grades.

For use in direct compression and wet granulation, Kollidon ® CL and Kollidon ® CL-F are most widely used, while in dry granulation the finer grades are more efficient, Kollidon ® CL-SF and Kollidon ® CL-M.

Specific to ODT (orally dissolvable tablets), Kollidon ® CL-SF is the workhorse product with Kollidon ® CL-F also finding success.

Also finding use as a dry binder, Kollidon ® CL-SF can work double duty, offering binding with excellent disintegration, specifically suitable for roller compaction.

Kollidon® CL, CL-F, CL-M, & CL-SF

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  • Super disintegrant for solid dosage
  • Binder capabilities with added disintegration effect

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