Kolliphor® CS 12 - Description

Kolliphor ® CS 12 is a white, wax-like, non-ionic emulsifier with mild odor. Delivered in pellet form, it is used widely for pharmaceutical oil-in-water emulsions and delivers good sensory properties during product application. The final product has 12 ethoxy groups which form the hydrophilic portion of the surfactant structure. Kolliphor ® CS 12 is suitable for emulsions & creams as well as foams, can be formulated in hot processes and phase inversion technology (PIT), and is stable over a broad pH range.

Being a nonionic emulsifier, Kollidon ® CS 12 has also found success in solubility enhancement and emulsification of actives in topical and dermal delivery systems.

Kolliphor® CS 12

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  • Non-ionic emulsifier for O-W emulsions.

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