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Kolliphor® CSL

Mixture of cetyl stearyl alcohol, Sodium lauryl sulfate & Sodium cetyl stearyl sulfate

Kolliphor® CSL - Description

Kolliphor ® CS L is a mixture if C16 (cetyl) and C18 (stearyl) fatty alcohols, and an anionic emulsifier (composed of sulfated cetyl and stearyl alcohols) as well as sodium lauryl sulfate, which increases the breadth of emulsifying ability. When melted, mixed with hot water and cooled, Kolliphor ® CS L can form a simple cream or lotion base. It is a self-emulsifying system that builds its own consistency and viscosity due to the interaction of the emulsifiers, water and fatty alcohols. This product differs from our Kolliphor ® CS A because it contains sodium lauryl sulfate in the emulsifier. As emulsifier, Kolliphor ® CS L is suitable for emulsions & creams and as consistency factor Kolliphor ® CS L can be used in emulsions & creams, ointments and gels.

Kolliphor® CSL

More information about Kolliphor® CSL

  • Emulsion stabilizer
  • Self emulsifying mixture of emulsifiers & waxes easy to use base for creams

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