Kolliphor® P 188 Bio - Description

Kolliphor® P 188 Bio is a pharmaceutical grade poloxamer designed for protection against shear stress in biologic drug manufacturing processes and for use as a solubilizer in parenteral formulations.  This Bio grade has been optimized for use in sensitive applications through enhanced manufacturing controls, the removal of hydrophobic entities known to disrupt bioprocessing, and robust quality control measures including validated RP-HPLC assay to ensure highest purity and cell culture growth and viability testing on each lot.

Ideal for use with mammalian cells, specifically CHO and HEK293, all cell line performance and mortality rates can benefit from Kolliphor® P 188 Bio.  It is hypothesized that the unique structure of biopharma grade poloxamer 188 allows it to form a pseudo-coating around cells, reducing the shear stress created by both mixing and sparged air, while minimizing cell entrapment in surface foam.  

Kolliphor® P 188 Bio is also suitable as an excipient for parenteral formulations, acting as a stabilizer and solubilizer for biopharmaceutical and small molecule actives in the final formulation.  The improvements made to Kolliphor® P 188 Bio ensures the highest quality product for consistent performance with less variability versus other poloxamer 188 grades.


Kolliphor® P 188 Bio

More information about Kolliphor® P 188 Bio

  • Shear protectant in cell culture fermentation
  • Endotoxin tested to ensure quality
  • Uniquely designed for use in cell culture fermentation
  • Proven cell viability tests performed on each lot
  • Suitable for use in parenteral applications

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