Kolliphor® P 188, P 338, & P 407 - Description

The Kolliphor ® Poloxamers are polymeric multi-talent excipients suitable for a large variety of applications. They are amphiphilic co-polymers for use as drug solubilizes and emulsifiers in Solid, semisolid and liquid formulations as well as capsule fill.

Specifically in instant and modified release applications, Kolliphor ® can act as a stabilizer in oral suspensions, can improve solubility of poorly soluble actives as well as increasing absorption and bioavailability. For use in wet granulation, Kolliphor ® P 188 micro and P 407 micro are recommended due to their small particle size. For semi-solid and liquids formulations the standard grades can be used and processed via liquid mix, HME and melt granulations, as well as spray drying.

Kolliphor ® poloxamer's benefits can benefit liquid solutions and gels as well, supporting a wide range of dosage forms from gelcaps to topical preparations. The products support SEDDS, SMEDDS, and SNEDDS formulations as a solubilizer, emulsifier, and plasticizer.

Kolliphor® P 188, P 338, & P 407

More information about Kolliphor® P 188, P 338, & P 407

  • Very mild solid amphiphilic co-polymer
  • Well suited for SEDDS, SMEDDS, SNEEDS
  • Ideal for DC, granulation, & solid dispersion
  • Plasticizer
  • Solid amphiphilic co-polymer, drug solubilizer, emulsifier

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