Kolliphor® PS 20, PS 60, PS 80 - Description

Kolliphor ® polysorbates are non-ionic, hydrophilic emulsifiers, co-emulsifiers and solubilizers for pharmaceutical preparations like emulsions and creams, gels and foams. Possibly the most widely known and used emulsifiers, BASF has all typically polysorbate grades available. Kolliphor ® PS 20, PS 60, and PS 80, can be used in solid dispersions of all types, solutions and gels, all types of emulsions including SEDDS, SNEDDS, and SMEDDS, in capsule fill, as well as topical and dermal preparations.

Kolliphor® PS 20, PS 60, PS 80

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  • Nonionic hydrophilic solubilizer and co-emulsifier
  • Well suited for SEDDS, SMEDDS, SNEEDS
  • Non-ionic oil-in-water emulsifier and solubilizer

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