Kolliphor® RH 40 - Description

Kolliphor ® RH40 is used as a non-ionic oil-in-water solubilizer and emulsifying agent particularly suitable for fat-soluble vitamins and demonstrates exceptional chemical stability with little to no taste, making it well suited for oral applications. This tried-and-trusted solubilizer scored highest on resistance to enzymatic digestion in a study of various surfactants, highlighting its potential to enhance patient safety. Kolliphor ® RH40 is widely used in self-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDS) or microemulsifying systems (SMDDS) in combination with a co-solubilizer and/or co-solvent.

Kolliphor RH 40 can also be deployed as a plasticizer in tablet coating preparations.

Kolliphor® RH 40

More information about Kolliphor® RH 40

  • Coating plasticizer
  • Solid polymeric matrices plasticizer
  • Nonionic solubilizer
  • Especially well suited for SEDDS formulations

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