Kolliphor® SLS & SLS Fine - Description

Kolliphor SLS is a widely used ionic solubilizer & and high HLB anionic emulsifier suitable for many applications. In tableting it aids in water uptake and assists in drug dissolution by increasing the solubility of poorly solid APIs, all while offering tablet lubricant properties. This excipient can be used when standard lubricants are incompatible with the formulation, typically used as usages levels around 2%.

For liquid and semi-solid applications it acts as a solubilizer to enhance availability of poorly soluble APIs. Highly suitable for creams, lotions, and gels, it acts as a solubilizer to enhance the solubility of poorly soluble APIs. In foams it shares the same functions with the added benefit of foam generation and stability.

Kolliphor® SLS & SLS Fine

More information about Kolliphor® SLS & SLS Fine

  • Ionic solubilizer and emulsifier for solid dispersion & liquid emulsions
  • Foaming stabilizing properties
  • High HLB anionic surfactant for semi-solids and foams
  • Tablet lubricating properties
  • OSD (oral solid dosage) dissolution enhancement

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