Kollisolv® P 124 - Description

Kollisolv ® P 124 poloxamer is a versatile solvent, co-solvent, and plasticizer for use in many solid, semi-solid, and liquid pharmaceutical formulations. The only monographed PVP that is liquid at room temperature, it is most suitable for liquid dosage forms where it is used as a dispersion medium for APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients), aiding in their dispersion and bioavailability. As well, as an amphiphilic emulsifier, Kollisolv ® P 124 acts as a dispersing agent for liquid dispersions and a stabilizer and co-emulsifier in semi-solids.

Kollisolv ® P 124 also finds use as a liquid plasticizer commonly used in tablet coating preparations.

Kollisolv® P 124

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  • Forms clear gels, Thermoreversible gelling effect

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