Kolliwax® CSA 50 & CSA 70 - Description

BASF's Kolliwax line can be used for various semi-solid and oral dosage forms. Specifically they find use as structure building consistency farors and viscosity regulators in dermal delivery systems.

Kolliwax ® CSA 50 & CSA 70 (cetostearyl alcohol) are structure-building consistency factors mainly used for viscosity regulation in pharmaceutical emulsions, stabilizing the matrix formed with emulsifier and water. Both products are compatible with most natural vegetable and animal waxes and offer a broader melting point window than other chemistries such as cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol.

Kolliwax CSA 50 has also found use as a co-emulsifier and viscosity building in liquid fill capsules and as a dry binder in dry granulation processes.

Kolliwax® CSA 50 & CSA 70

More information about Kolliwax® CSA 50 & CSA 70

  • Structure building consistency factor
  • Increases emulsion stability
  • Binder for dry granulation
  • Broad compatibility

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