Kolliwax® HCO - Description

Kolliwax ® HCO is hydrogenated castor powder for pharmaceutical applications used as a consistency factor in topical formulations, well suited for use with sensitive APIs. Compatible with several natural vegetable and animal waxes, as well as fatty alcohols, it well suited at enhancing viscosity of topical formulations.

In oral solid dosages Kolliwax ® HCO is used as a lipophilic lubricant in tablets and capsules and as plasticizer in solid dispersions using spray drying, melt granulation or hot melt extrusion processes. Kolliwax ® HCO is particularly suitable for formulation of sensitive APIs.

Kolliwax® HCO

More information about Kolliwax® HCO

  • Consistency factor with retention on skin
  • Lipophilic lubricant
  • Suitable for sensitive APIs

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