Kolliwax® SA - Description

BASF's Kolliwax line can be used for various semi-solid and oral dosage forms. Specifically they find use as structure building consistency farors and viscosity regulators in dermal delivery systems.

Kolliwax ® SA (stearyl alcohol) is a structure-building consistency factor for semi-solid dermal formulations including ointments and gels. It is commonly used as viscosity regulator for oil-in-water emulsions.

In solid dosage forms Kolliwax ® SA can be utilized as a lipophilic lubricant, a first choice for sensitive acidic APIs. Stearyl alcohol can also be used in solid dispersions as a plasticizer and consistency factor and in suppositories to help harden the preparation and adjust the melting point.

Kolliwax® SA

More information about Kolliwax® SA

  • Structure building consistency factor
  • Lipophilic lubricant for oral solid dosage forms
  • Plasticizer and consistency factor in suppositories

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