Laripur Plasticized Ester - Description

Laripur TPU’s are thermoplastic polyurethanes and consequently combine the working technology of thermoplastic products together with the features of polyurethanes.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance

  • Great flexibility and constancy at various temperatures

  • Good compression set resistance -good water and light resistance

  • Good resistance to oils, fats and many types of solvent

More information about Laripur Plasticized Ester

Products belonging to series 15, 18 and 18B are plasticized TPUs based on saturated polyester polyols, mainly developed for footwear applications.

They are characterized by low hardness and fast processing cycles yet maintaining the typical properties of TPU.

Products based on saturated polyester and containing a small amount of plasticizer,they have been specially developed to fill a gap between rubber materials and polyurethanes. They combine to give a very soft grade but with polyurethane's

typical features such as good flexibility and abrasion resistance, while maintaining short processing times. This can be

particularly applied to the shoe industry where TPUs guarantee excellent adhesion to the two-component PU without applying any primer.

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