Lindride 52D - Description

The LINDRIDE 52 series is a group of anhydrides based on 4-Methylhexahydrophthalic Anhydride (MHHPA). These anhydrides are light-colored, low-viscosity liquids which will remain liquid at temperatures below 32°F. Being anhydrides, they react with water to yield free Methylhexahydrophthalic Acid, a high melting solid of low solubility. For this reason it is important that moisture be excluded from the anhydride or its systems.

LINDRIDE 52D is the distilled form of LINDRIDE 52. It is a colorless liquid recommended for applications where very low color is required.

Lindride 52D

More information about Lindride 52D

  • Blend readily with epoxy resins at normal temperatures
  • In the absence of promoters, the resulting solutions are stable for extended periods of time at room temperature
  • In the presence of promoters and at elevated temperatures, however, they are converted to highly cross-linked polymers with excellent physical and electrical properties
  • Low viscosity resin mix
  • Low toxicity
  • Extended pot life
  • Low volatility
  • Low shrikage

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