LITESTONE 1100E/1103H - Description

LITESTONE 1100E/1101H/1103H consists of an epoxy resin and two amine hardeners with very low viscosities and different pot lifes.

For longer pot life, 1103H Hardener can be used. For increased reactivity and a shorter pot life, 1101H Hardener can be blended with 1103H Hardener in order to adjust reactivity and pot life. Blending of the hardeners does not affect the mix ratio with the epoxy resin and has a minimal effect on the performance properties.


More information about LITESTONE 1100E 1103H

  • The low viscosity of the resin system results in excellent fiber wetting
  • Fully cured system exhibits excellent mechanical and thermal properties
  • Solvent-free and unfilled.

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