LITESTONE 2130E/2142H - Description

LITESTONE2130E/2142H has been developed for Filament Winding applications and consists of an epoxy resin and an anhydride hardener. This system has low viscosity and long pot life at ambient conditions. The low viscosity of the system delivers excellent fiber wet out and resin penetration while the long pot life ensures stability throughout the course of the filament winding processes.

After cure, the system provides an excellent combination of mechanical performance including enhanced fracture toughness,thermal stability and moisture resistance, which is attractive for a variety of composite applications.


More information about LITESTONE 2130E 2142H

  • Long pot life at ambient temperature
  • Superior fiber wet out and resin penetration
  • Excellent combination of mechanical performance, thermal stability and moisture resistance
  • Enhanced fracture toughness
  • Tg ~115°
  • C

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