LUBRIZOL 5346 - Description

LUBRIZOL 5346 is recommended for use in straight oil, emulsifiable oil, and high oil semi-synthetic fluids to improve the machining of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Because of its ester and inactive sulfur content, LUBRIZOL 5346 provides lubricity and extreme pressure performance without compromising surface finish on copper or other yellow metals. LUBRIZOL 5346 can be used in a variety of metal forming and removal operations including tapping, threading, grinding, turning, and milling. For difficult machining applications or hard to machine metals, LUBRIZOL 5346 may be used to supplement LUBRIZOL Passive Extreme Pressure additives like LUBRIZOL 5358. It can also be used with conventional active sulfur (LUBRIZOL 5340MW) or chlorinated paraffins. It has been found that LUBRIZOL 5346 is well suited for lubricating surfaces that are in sliding contact as in the case of slideways and worm gears. LUBRIZOL 5346 may also be used in grease to reduce fretting corrosion.


More information about LUBRIZOL 5346

  • Excellent extreme pressure properties
  • Excellent treat rate economics
  • Non-staining to yellow metals
  • Well suited for use in rolling oils

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