LUBRIZOL 5347 - Description

LUBRIZOL 5347 is an overbased calcium sulfonate with excellent corrosion protection and extreme pressure performance. This product is recommended for use in oil-based fluids and provides passive extreme pressure for metal removal and metalforming applications. Additionally, LUBRIZOL 5347 will provide corrosion protection due to its sulfonate makeup and the overbasing present. LUBRIZOL 5347 is made from a natural calcium sulfonate rather than a synthetic. Natural sulfonates tend to provide better performance in lubricity and corrosion protection because of the higher polydispersity of natural products versus synthetic products. LUBRIZOL 5358 is the synthetic sulfonate equivalent to LUBRIZOL 5347, and may be equivalent in performance in some applications. NOTE: LUBRIZOL 5347 is not recommended for use in formulating emulsifiable oils or other water diluted fluids due to gelling tendencies in the presence of water.


More information about LUBRIZOL 5347

  • Excellent extreme pressure properties
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Synergistic with active sulfur compounds

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