LUBRIZOL 5358 - Description

LUBRIZOL 5358 is a 400 TBN overbased synthetic calcium sulfonate that provides extreme pressure lubricity and supplementary corrosion protection. This oil-soluble additive is recommended for oil-based metal removal and forming lubricants for both ferrous and non-ferrous applications. LUBRIZOL 5358 is also synergistic with other additives like LUBRIZOL 5340MG (sulfurized olefin) and LUBRIZOL 5333 (sulfurized vegetable oil). Together with these ingredients, it can be used to replace chlorinated paraffins for heavy-duty applications and hard-to-machine metals.


More information about LUBRIZOL 5358

  • Cost-optimized and versatile solution helps manage expenses
  • Excellent extreme pressure performance extends tool life and protects part surfaces, even for hard-to-machine metals
  • Low odor properties allows for a more user-friendly fluid
  • Secondary rust preventive benefits helps minimize the need for additional components

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