LUBRIZOL 5941S - Description

LUBRIZOL 5941S is a multifunctional oil-soluble additive package for formulating premium quench oils and heat transfer oils. It contains all the additives necessary to make a high quality product, and only requires dilution with mineral oil. The package contains additives to increase the cooling rate, provide anti-oxidant protection, and provide detergency to eliminate build-up and deposits. LUBRIZOL 5941S can be fortified with extra antioxidant (LUBRIZOL GR9510) or extra cooling accelerant (LUBRIZOL VL970BSA). LUBRIZOL®5941S is soluble in a range of oils, and performance will vary depending on the oil chosen. For maximum cooling, low viscosity oils will provide fastest cooling, but care must be taken to maintain a safe flash point. For increased antioxidant properties, using cleaner oils like PAOs or group II paraffinic oils is recommended. It is highly suggested to use a single cut of mineral oil rather than a mixture to maintain product consistency.


More information about LUBRIZOL 5941S

  • Excellent GM Quenchometer (ASTM D3520) performance
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Low deposit formation determined by the Panel Coker Test

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