LUBRIZOL 9045 - Description

LUBRIZOL 9045 is a new generation performance diesel fuel additive designed to improve the quality characteristics of diesel fuel.

More information about LUBRIZOL 9045

  • Peugeot XUD9 Test (Keep Clean)
  • Peugeot XUD9 Test Clean Up
  • Prevents and removes the internal injector deposits that cause poor drivability, noise, acceleration and higher maintenance costs
  • Prevents fuel -water emulsion formation that can lead to filter blocking and fuel system corrosion
  • Prevents the formation of damaging fuel injection system corrosion
  • Removes pre-existing spectrum of fuel injector deposits, derived from a range of contaminants, such as fuel degradation, trace metals and biodiesel
  • Restores lost engine power arising from pre-existing fuel injector deposits
  • Suitable for use with low and ultra low sulfur fuels

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