LUBRIZOL 9692A - Description

Lubrizol 9692A is a high performance additive for use in powershift transmission fluids designed to meet the demanding requirements of major equipment manufacturers of off-highway equipment. It is specially designed to deliver maximum performance and long lasting life in modern off-highway powershift transmissions, wet disc brakes, hydraulic compartments and final drives. Lubrizol 9692A will help off-highway fluids demonstrate superior friction qualities, wear protection, full metal and seal materials compatibility, and good oxidation stability, maximum foam protection, sustained film thickness and hydraulic pump protection.


More information about LUBRIZOL 9692A

  • Extends fluid life via oxidative and thermal stability
  • Improves protection of gears and bearings
  • Maintains viscosity grade over equipment life
  • Meets the requirements of the Caterpillar TO-4 specification
  • Prevents blockage of lubricant passages and extends machine life
  • Protects critical components
  • Provides braking capacity for safe stopping within the design limits of the equipment
  • Provides continuous antiwear protection
  • Provides longer equipment life
  • Provides superior bearing protection to reduce macropitting and metal fatigue
  • Supports seal compatibility which prevents leaks
  • Suppresses wet brake noise

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