LUBRIZOL CVT16 - Description

LUBRIZOL CVT16 is a CVT-dedicated additive package ideal for service fill transmission fluids that delivers market-leading friction, wear and durability performance. Lubrizol CVT16 equips you with a solution to address a difference-making share of the global CVT service fill market.


More information about LUBRIZOL CVT16

  • 600,000 miles of on-road field testing validating superior friction, wear and durability performance equal to or better than genuine oils in the market gives you a tool to differentiate from the competition.
  • CVT-specific formulation gives you the ability to target a growing service fill market.
  • Formulation optimized to cover a significant share of North American CVT market helps position you for future growth potential.
  • Suitable for low and high viscosity fluids, but also for belt and chain CVTs, to simplify your inventory management.

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