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Urethane Acrylate and Polyester Oligomers for UV Curable Coatings

Lumicure - Description

Lumicure® UV curable resins are designed for use in high end applications where good hardness, flexibility and chemical resistance and very low VOC are required.


More information about Lumicure

Lumicure 15-1516 is an acrylate functional, aliphatic urethane acrylate solution in HDODA which is suitable for use in UV and EB curable coatings and inks and features a good balance of performance characteristics with excellent exterior durability, abrasion resistance and adhesion. This oligomer is suitable for use in both UV an EB curing systems.

Lumicure 15-1560 is a resilient, medium viscosity unsaturated polyester intended for use as a wood coating in UV cured systems. This is a medium reactivity oligomer with styrene as the reactive diluent which has excellent sandability and flexibility. It is also peroxide curable.

Lumicure 223-6517 is a HAPS free unsaturated polyester resin designed for use as in UV cured wood coating stems. It has medium reactivity with vinyl toluene as the reactive diluent. This oligomer is also peroxide curable.


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