Lumina - Description

Lumina pigments are mica-based effect pigments that create intriguing and dramatic visual effects in a wide variety of applications. They have increased chromaticity at the reflection angle as well as higher color purity and clarity than traditional interference colors. The result is cleaner shades, more saturated colors and stronger flip-flop effects in coatings, plastics and inks.


More information about Lumina

  • In solvent- and water-based coating applications, Lumina pigments' enhanced reflection creates the look of a three-coat effect in only two coats.
  • Lumina pigments enhance labels for luxury packaging and other luxury products.
  • In plastics applications, including injection molding, blow molding and extrusion processing, Lumina pigments create multi-optical effects when combined with other effect or color pigments.
  • CFS chrome-free surface treatment improves adhesion and resistance to humidity in water-based coatings and chip resistance in solvent-based coatings. This makes them ideal for automotive coating applications and other outdoor uses, such as on lawn and garden furniture and outdoor appliances.
  • Lumina pigments are non-reactive, non-metallic and non-tarnishing.

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