Luvigel FIT UP - Description

Luvigel FIT UP is a tailor-made thickener for styling products based on Hydrophobic Alkali Swellable Emulsion (HASE) technology. Working synergistically with various styling polymers, high setting performance can more easily be achieved.

Luvigel FIT UP

More information about Luvigel FIT UP

  • Forms clear & smooth gels

  • Easy to handle, liquid and cold processable

  • Higher setting compared to benchmark in combination with many styling polymers

  • Less flaking compared to benchmark with same styling performance

  • Long lasting hold

  • Extremely low tack

  • Low foaming during application on hand

  • Performance is optimized when used in combination with standard styling polymer, Luviskol K 90, and high performance setting polymer, Luviset Clear AT2

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