Luviquat Supreme AT 1 - Description

Luviquat Supreme AT 1 is an innovative styling polymer that provides ultra-strong hold and outstanding curl retention even at high humidity levels. In addition, Luviquat® Supreme AT 1 has impressive conditioning properties and gives even the finest hair more volume.

Luviquat Supreme AT 1

More information about Luviquat Supreme AT 1

  • Strong hold all the way to natural, flexible hold, using additives

  • Superb humidity resistance for longlasting hold

  • Increased volume for fine hair

  • Very low tack; non sticky

  • Quick foam development

  • Rich & creamy conditioning foam

  • Outstanding curl retention

  • Cationic polymer combines styling & conditioning properties – aids in detangling hair

  • Forms a strong film, which gives high setting

  • Can become very flexible and elastic when combined with panthenol

  • Easily soluble in water

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