Luviset 360 - Description

Luviset 360 is an innovative styling polymer that provides efficient performance in six dimensions: long-lasting hold, strong hold, low flaking, flexible hold, anti-pollution and new textures. It is able to produce highly viscous styling products with little or no movement inside the pack and offers a wide range of final product formats such as gels, creams, waxes and other new textures.

Luviset 360

More information about Luviset 360

  • Superior styling performance in comparison with PVP, PVP/VA, especially in long-lasting hold with high humidity.
  • Comparable rheology vs PVP and Acrylates Crosspolymer as ingredient benchmarks in styling gels.
  • Needs less carbomer thickener (0.5 -1.0%) to achieve target viscosity.
  • Self thickening ≥ 4% active matter.

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