Luviset One - Description

Luviset One is the all-in-one solution for hair styling gels, creams and waxes, delivering strong styling performance, long-lasting curl retention, thickening and emulsifying benefits and provides a smooth, crystal-clear gel base.

Luviset One

More information about Luviset One

  • Styling

    • Excellent setting performance

    • 95% curl retention and 48hr humidity resistance

    • Compatible with anionic, non-ionic and cationic styling resins for extreme styling with low flaking

  • Thickening

    • Self-thickening to give crystal clear smooth gels

  • Emulsifying and suspending

    • Emulsifies oil and wax components for different textures

    • Suspends care additives and effect materials

  • Easy to process

    • Simple cold process, no wetting or dispersion steps, only neutralisation

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