Luviskol K 30 Super - Description

PVPs are widely used in styling gels and mousses. The latest addition to the Luviskol K series is Luviskol K 30 Super.

Luviskol K 30 Super showcases a significant improvement in color and viscosity behavior/stability. This quality is unmatched worldwide for PVP K 30.

The use of Luviskol K 30 Super Solution leads to lower processing costs. The solution is easy to handle; time and energy savings are possible because no dissolution step is needed.

Luviskol K 30 Super

More information about Luviskol K 30 Super

  • Colorless solution and powder

  • Stable viscosity of gels over time

  • Improved odor profile

  • Faster solubility of the powder

  • Lower processing costs with the solution

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