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Macopol HS Copolymer Alkyds

High Solids Monomer Modified Alkyd Resins

Macopol HS Copolymer Alkyds - Description

Macopol® HS copolymer alkyds are designed for use in applications that require lower VOC’s. These resins have been copolymerized with various monomers to increase the speed of dry and improve film hardness. Depending on the type of monomers utilized other properties are enhanced as well, such as durability (acrylic), early water resistance (styrene), and aliphatic solvent tolerance (vinyl toluene).

Macopol HS Copolymer Alkyds

More information about Macopol HS Copolymer Alkyds

Macopol HS 57-5847 is a high solids VT styrene-modified alkyd designed for use in general industrial applications that require less than 340 g/L (2.83 lbs/gal) VOC. This resin can also be used to formulate architectural stain-blocking primers and wood primers that will meet 340 g/L VOC. It affords fast dry, quick dust free times, high gloss, and hydrocarbon solubility.

Macopol HS 214-1158 is a styrene acrylic-modified alkyd resin with excellent exterior durability. It is supplied in a HAPs-free solvent and can be formulated to produce coatings applied at 420 g/L VOC. This resin offers fast dry, good hardness, and god corrosion resistance.

Macopol HS 214-2105 is a high solids VT-modified alkyd resin designed for use in quick air drying, low viscosity, high gloss industrial enamels and stain blocking primers requiring rapid hardness development. Coatings formulated with this resin can be applied via brush, roll or spray. This resin has aliphatic solvent tolerance with extremely fast cut back and can be formulated to meet VOC requirements below 3.0 lbs/gal.

Macopol HS 214-2122 is a high solids acrylic-modified alkyd with excellent durability, color and gloss retention as well as good corrosion resistance. It can produce 3.5 lbs/gal VOC formulas at good spray viscosity which can be air dried or force cured.

Macopol HS 214-2160 is a styrene-modified alkyd copolymer with fast dry as well as good gloss, adhesion, and exterior durability. This resin is suitable for use in general industrial coatings and implement enamels.

Macopol HS 214-2758 is a fast drying HAPs free high solids VT and styrene-modified alkyd resin designed for use in industrial air-dry applications. It offers excellent gloss and hardness development. VOC’s of 3.0-3.5 lbs/gal can be achieved when formulating with this resin.


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