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Pearlescent Pigments Based On Mica Platelets Coated With Titanium Dioxide and/or Iron Oxide

Mearlin - Description

Mearlin pearlescent pigments are mica platelets coated with titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide that provide both color and exciting visual effects to a variety of coatings, plastics and printing ink applications. They offer a wide variety of white pearlescence and interference colors that range from satin to sparkle effects.


More information about Mearlin

  • Mearlin pigments are transparent and reflect light because of their smooth surfaces and high index of refraction. Light reflected from the platelets creates a sense of depth and a luster that varies with particle size � smaller particles impart a satin sheen while larger particles create a more sparkly or glitter-like effect.
  • Some Mearlin special effect pigments have a multiple color play and dynamic color travel or "flop" in which the color changes with the viewing angle.
  • Although these pigments are non-metallic, they can give finishes a metallic look. All Mearlin pigments are totally non-reactive and nontoxic.
  • CFS chrome-free surface treatment improves adhesion and resistance to humidity in water-based coatings and chip resistance in solvent-based coatings. This makes them ideal for automotive coating applications and other outdoor uses, such as on lawn and garden furniture and outdoor appliances.

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