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Luster Effect Pigments Based On Bismuth Oxychloride Which Impart a Wide Range Of Optical Effects

Mearlite - Description

Mearlite series pigments are based on bismuth oxychloride and create an extremely smooth and fine-textured appearance. They impart a range of optical effects from a soft, satin luster to a sharp, metallic brilliance in plastics, coatings and inks.


More information about Mearlite

  • When used alone in spray coatings, Mearlite pigments create a simulated pearl finish
  • When used as a reflective surface under transparent color coatings, they provide a candy apple effect
  • Create intense, lustrous colors when combined with organic pigments or dyes
  • Mearlite Ultra Bright grades provide the highest brilliance of any synthetic pearlescent pigment. It is the most widely used Mearlite grade for coatings, inks and polyester castings.
  • Mearlite Radiant Pearl combines the brilliance of Ultra Bright pigments with a surface treatment to reduce darkening by ultraviolet light. When formulated with UV absorbers, this grade is well-suited for exterior coatings.

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