Metasheen - Description

Metasheen® is a vacuum metallized pigment (VMP) for unique mirror and liquid metal effects. It allows formulators in printing & packaging, industrial coatings, interior automotive, consumer, computer, and communications applications to create premium product appeal.  The exceptionally smooth surface of the pigment delivers superior reflectivity for unique and individual effects. The Metasheen® series of products vary in shade, hiding power and brilliance, offering various design and formulation options.


More information about Metasheen

Metasheen® 11 Series:  Ultra-dark chrome effect with the highest coverage combined with maximum brilliance.  Optical density of 0.5 and particle size (d50) of 8 - 12 µm.

Metasheen® 41 Series:  Dark chrome effect with high coverage and excellent brilliance.  Optical density of 0.7 and particle size (d50) of 8.5 – 11.5 µm.

Metasheen® 71 Series:  Mid-shade silver effect with high coverage and brilliance, considered a standard shade.  Optical density of 1.4 and particle size (d50) of 11 – 13 µm.

Metasheen® 91 Series:  Whitest aluminum effect, gives cleanest shade in combination with colored pigment/dye.  Optical density of 2.1 and particle size (d50) of 11.5 – 14.5 µm.

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