Microlith - Description

Microlith series products are stir-in pigment preparations based on organic and inorganic pigments for solvent-based and water-based coatings and inks with high transparency. Available in multiple carriers to accommodate a wide array of applications.

  • Microlith WA: Water-based systems
  • Microlith A: Alcohol-based systems
  • Microlith K: Ketone-based systems
  • Microlith T: Toluene-based (aromatic hydrocarbon) systems
  • Microlith KJ: Ketone-based system for Ink Jet
  • Microlith KP: Vinyl co-polymer for plastic systems


More information about Microlith

  • Excellent color strength, gloss, light fastness and transparency, as well as outstanding dispersion
  • Combination with effect pigments offers endless styling opportunities
  • Small particle size and extremely narrow particle size distribution
  • Ideal alternative to metal complex dyes, where migration issues play a role
  • Easily incorporated into a variety of solvents with dissolvers or high-shear mixers without preliminary milling (Microlith A, K, T)
  • Easily incorporated into an alkaline water / alcohol mixture with dissolvers or high-shear mixers without preliminary milling (Microlith WA)
  • Dry powder, low dust processing

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