Mine Grade Pumice - Description

CR Minerals offers several standard grades of Mine Grade pumice used primarily as a lightweight or insulating aggregate, and for landscaping and horticultural purposes.  Mine Grade pumice is Green Roof approved, and meets FLL Guidelines for Multi-Course Extension sites. CR Minerals pumice is known for its consistent color, chemistry, and sizing, and is among the highest quality, naturally occurring lightweight aggregate products available in the world.  CR Minerals’ Mine Products range in size from 1 ¼-inch aggregate stone to ¼-inch granular material:

  • Grade 1-1/4 x 1/2

  • Grade 3/4 x 3/8

  • Grade 3/8 x 1/4

  • Grade 3/8 x 0

  • Grade 1/4 x 0

  • Grade Pit Run

Mine Grade Pumice

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Pumice reduces the weight of concrete blocks by more than 20% without decreasing compressive strength, thus making handling easier, minimizing the bulk of foundations or supporting columns in multi-story buildings, and reducing the reinforcement required in suspended floors. The high insulation value of pumice reduces the bulk required to meet thermal and acoustic standards. In addition, pumice is fireproof and resists condensation, mildew, and vermin.



CR Minerals produces several sizes of Mine Pumice preferred by landscape architects and used by landscape contractors to enhance the look of residential and commercial properties. The consistent off-white color of CR Minerals pumice is used extensively in desert landscaping designs throughout the Southwestern United States. CR Minerals pumice is also used for color contrast with red and black volcanic rocks and other decorative aggregates and boulders.  Due to its light weight, pumice provides excellent coverage compared with other, heavier decorative aggregates. Each ton of CR Minerals pumice typically covers more than three times the area of other white and off-white decorative rocks, such as marble and limestone.



CR Minerals produces several grades of Granular and Mine Pumice useful for a wide variety of horticulture, turf, and sports turf applications. Most of these applications benefit from the lightweight and porous nature of pumice.

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