Mistron 554 - Description

Mistron 554 is off-white, high purity, platy, fine talc that is primarily used in architectural and industrial primers, where its platy nature improves barrier properties, corrosion resistance and stain blocking ability. Mistron 554 also is used in topcoats to reduce hard settling, improve sag resistance and extend prime pigments.

Mistron 554 could also be used in plastics to increase stiffness, HDT, and dimensional stability of plastic compounds, and in rubber to reduce viscosity, improve processing, and act as a parting/dusting agent.

Mistron 554

More information about Mistron 554

  • Improves barrier properties, corrosion resistance and stain blocking ability in architectural and industrial primers
  • Improves processing and reduces viscosity in rubber applications
  • Effective dusting/parting agent
  • Used in plastics to improve stiffness, HDT and dimensional stability

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