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Mistron Monomix is a high purity, high-brightness, 6-Hegman micronized microcrystalline talc product. Mistron Monomix is part of the Micronized series of Imerys Talc products that have high surface area and tight top-size control for improved paint performance properties.

Mistron Monomix is an excellent choice for improving the cost/performance balance of solventborne and protective coatings due to its hydrophobic nature, excellent sanding and polishing properties, film reinforcement, rheology contribution, and high whiteness/brightness. Mistron Monomix disperses easily in organic resins and gives very good coating stability and anti-settling properties.

Mistron Monomix is highly recommended for alkyd and siliconized alkyd protective coatings, polyester gelcoats, polyurethane coatings, aerosol coatings, and for replacement of higher-priced thixotropes.

Mistron Monomix could also be used in plastics to increase stiffness, HDT and dimensional stability. In rubber, it improves processing; enhances reinforcement, elongation and cut/tear resistance, and is an effective dusting/parting agent.

Mistron Monomix

More information about Mistron Monomix

  • Excellent sanding and polishing properties
  • Film reinforcement
  • High whiteness/brightness
  • Gives very good paint stability, rheology, and anti-settling properties
  • Disperses easily in organic resins
  • Used in plastics to improve stiffness, HDT and dimensional stability
  • Improves processing, enhances reinforcement, elongation and cut/tear resistance in rubber applications
  • Effective dusting/parting agent

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