Mistron Ultramix - Description

Mistron Ultramix is a high purity microcrystalline talc.

Mistron Ultramix is recommended for interior and exterior coatings, adhesives and sealant applications. Mistron Ultramix acts as a reinforcing agent to enhance performance by increasing film strength and flexibility. The platy nature of Mistron Ultramix improves barrier properties, corrosion resistance and stain-blocking ability in architectural and industrial primers. Mistron Ultramix is also recommended to reduce settling, improve sag resistance and maximize prime pigment extension.

Mistron Ultramix could also be used in plastics to increase stiffness, HDT and dimensional stability. In rubber, it improves processing; enhances reinforcement, elongation and cut/tear resistance, and is an effective dusting/parting agent.

Mistron Ultramix

More information about Mistron Ultramix

  • Increases film strength and flexibility
  • Improves barrier properties, corrosion resistance and stain-blocking ability
  • Reduces settling, improves sag resistance and maximizes prime pigment extension

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