Mondur - Description

The Mondur family of products are aromatic isocyanates used in the production of a wide range of flexible, elastomeric and solid polyurethanes, as well as in coatings and adhesive & sealant formulations. Mondur products are based on MDI, TDI and MDI/TDI blends and are available in monomeric and polyisocyanate chemistries.

Monomeric MDI
Mondur MB           Mondur MLQ           Mondur M

Polymeric MDI
Mondur 448           Mondur 489           Mondur 582           Mondur 1488
Mondur 3694         Mondur MRS         Mondur MRS 2       Mondur MRS 4
Mondur MR           Mondur MR 5         Mondur MR Light

MDI Prepolymers
Mondur 501           Mondur 1453

Allophanate Modified MDI
Mondur CD

Carbodiimide Modified MDI
Mondur CD

Modified MDI
Mondur PC           Mondur PF

Monomeric TDI 
Mondur TD 80 Grade A           Mondur TD 80 Grade B          Mondur TD 65
Mondur TDS Grade II              Mondur TDS Grade E


More information about Mondur

  • Versatile: Adaptable for just about any PU foam, coating or adhesive application.
  • Durable: Enjoy excellent resistance to chemicals, weather and UV radiation.

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